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Why submit your data to CancerModels.Org

CancerModels.Org aims to facilitate cancer research and development of personalised medicines.

We can collect and display your data making you more discoverable and visible for end-users. All submitted models adhere to published standards making it easy for researchers to search and compare models of interest. We aggregate patient-derived cancer model data to be FAIR with the goal of helping users to freely navigate to the originating source for models and/or molecular data. We supply a description page for each provider and models have clear links to the production centres so the users can inquire about obtaining models for their studies.

CancerModels.Org is built with the help of and for the benefit of the community, and is free to providers and users. CancerModels.Org team can upload your data directly from other public file collections, databases and repositories, as well as deposit corresponding fastq files to the European Nucleotide Archive and link them to your models in CancerModels.Org.

Submission process

Submission process

Submission process

When you are ready to submit your Patient Derived Cancer models, you will be supported through the process by a member of the CancerModels.Org team. We currently use spreadsheets for the metadata. In addition to metadata, we encourage producers to upload associated data making models more valuable and discoverable for the users. Currently, we support the following data types: gene expression, gene mutation, copy number alterations, biomarkers, drug dosing studies, and patient treatment.

Data can be directly uploaded from other file collections, databases and repositories by a member of the CancerModels.Org team. Where raw data is available CancerModels.Org team can deposit corresponding fastq files to the European Nucleotide Archive External Icon

To start the process please contact CancerModels.Org team: submissions Envelope Icon

License info

All model and data submissions are made available under CC0 or EMBL-EBI terms of use.

Since 1 January 2023 we are asking model providers to agree to share their data under the terms of CC0. This dedicates the data to the public domain, allowing downstream users to consume the data without restriction. Metadata and data submitted prior to 1 January 2023 are made available under the EMBL-EBI terms of use. Whilst these terms do not themselves impose any restrictions on downstream use, the application of CC0 license removes any ambiguity. We advise users of CancerModels.Org to note the license terms of individual datasets, if applicable to their specific use case. The license terms are accessible form the individual model pages. Please ensure that the original data are cited whenever they are used in a publication.